Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Wonderful Colors of Paracord

For today’s post I thought I would show you the wide variety of colors that paracord comes in. There seems to be just about any color that you could imagine or at least one that will fit your needs. Remember that the color of your project with greatly affect the outcome and how much you or other people like it.The image below is just a sampling of the different colors to choose from.

Various Paracord Colors
Great Variety of Paracord Colors

Example 1: My current BOB (Bug Out Bag) is completely black. It has somewhere around 15 zipper pulls. They were just simple cheap single cord pulled through and tied in knot. They were sufficient, but I thought I would use paracord and construct some sturdier pulls and have some extra paracord on hand. Each zipper pull has around 2′ of cord and if you multiple that by 15 I have 30′ feet of cord just in my zipper pulls. I know that its not all once piece, but in a pinch.

Example 2: Inside my BOB I have fire making tools and so I have constructed a simple loop made out of bright orange paracord, just in case I drop them in some high grass or in the dirt. The high orange allows me to find it much easier.

Example 3: I wanted my family to start wearing a paracord bracelet and too get them more in the mindset I made some bracelets with their 2 favorite colors.

I’m hoping that this will get you thinking about choosing the right color for the job and my goal is to start posting pics of things that I make and some instructions on how to make the.


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