Friday, 7 February 2014

How to Make Chinese Button Knot?

Chinese Button Knot

Find the center of the cord and tie a constrictor knot at that point.You may use any sort of cord you wish. The knot will be removed later.
Place the center of the cord over your index finger and place the constrictor knot towards the back.
Take the lower cord and twist it and lay it over the  upper cord as shown.
Grasp the lower cord where it overlaps itself and twist it up and place it back on the upper cord.
Gently hold the loop in place with your thumb.
Bring the end of the cord that is hanging straight down, up under the cord that is pointing away from your thumb.
Take the end of this cord over the outer edge and under the center cord.
Continue by pulling the cord over the outer loop and out to the side of your hand.
Pull the cord all the way through the loop and snug it down so it is over your index finger as show.
You now have a diamond shaped box in the center of your knot.Grasp the end of the cord that is hanging down from the knot and bring it up through the center of the diamond.
Pull the cord through until it is just almost snug.
Take the end of the cord that is going off over the top of your hand and bring it up through the center of the diamond
It is not very obvious, but you can follow the two strands up to where they make a Y and you can see that there is a cord on either side of the cord going down through the center of the Y.
This is where we begin to tighten the knot into a button.Keep pulling on the constrictor knot to keep it in the center of the knot.
Then gently start adjusting the cords until they are progressively tighter.
Keep making the adjustments until the knot is as tight as possible. Keeping the constrictor knot in the top center.
I use a fid and a pair of pliers to get the knot tight.
Once you have the knot as tight as you can get it you can remove the constrictor knot.I use the little pointy scissors my wife uses when she does her cross-stitching to cut the cord.

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